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Play Me: “In a Big City” by Titus Andronicus

While it may be difficult to judge an artist and an upcoming album on one song, that’s never stopped me before and it’s certainly isn’t going to stop me from drawing conclusions on Titus Andronicus’ forthcoming album Local Business based on the lead track, “In a Big City.” For one thing, the tempo is much [...]

The Rockometer: Silver Age by Bob Mould

Bob Mould Silver Age Merge Records Inspired by the recording sessions which produced both the 1992 album Copper Blue and the 1993 EP, Beaster for his post-Husker Du band, Sugar, Bob Mould’s Silver Age is an aggressive, no-frills guitar pop album quite unlike anything the indie-rock lifer has produced in years. Sure, it’s the proverbial [...]

Moving Pictures: “Radio” by Nude Beach

“Radio” is another refreshing cut from the Brooklyn, straight-up, no slashes and no dashes, rock band, Nude Beach, and like its predecessor, “Walkin’ Down My Street,” it largely succeeds because it doesn’t strive to be anything it’s not. This is American rock music in the tradition of Petty and Mellencamp and The Boss, Bruce Springsteen, [...]