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“You Read My Mind” by Ladyhawk

Vancouver’s Ladyhawk have returned with their first new album in four years, and from the sound of “You Read My Mind,” the first track from their comeback, No Can Do (10/9 on Triple Crown), it appears the Vancouver longhairs spent some of that time off fine-tuning their hybrid, grunge and roots rock style, shelving many [...]

Moving Pictures: “Putin Lights Up Fires” by Pussy Riot

This video, this song, “Putin Lights Up Fires,” does not exists without context. By now, most are familiar with the story of the Russian punk rock collective, Pussy Riot, and how in the eyes of the Russian church and Russian government, they took their performance art too far when they staged a punk prayer in [...]

Fergus and Geronimo

You know that “Whoa! What is this?” reaction you can have when listening to a band or album for the first time? Sometimes it’s not a good reaction, and other times you’ve just been blown away. I had the latter moment last week …

Moving Pictures: “Walkin’ Down My Street” by Nude Beach

Truth be told, I would have discussed Nude Beach a bit sooner if their name was something like Jack and the Snap-Backs or even Jesse and the Rippers and not Nude Beach, a name which conjures up visions of an indie kid with his mac making cutesy, primitive electronic music in his bedroom.  Surprisingly, then, [...]

Play Me: “Black Mold” by Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

photo by JSBX I wouldn’t say I forgot about the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Hell, it wasn’t that long ago that I was raving about their performance at the 2010 Pitchfork Music Festival, when Spencer, Russell Simmins, and Judah Bauer put all the young ‘uns to shame in the sweltering heat. Instead, let’s say the [...]