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Fans worldwide were delighted last week when on March 7th,…

Fans worldwide were delighted last week when on March 7th, Skrillex delivered a mysterious app featuring a countdown clock + a retro alien game via his official site. Last night, tracks began to mysteriously unlock every 30 minutes to reveal a new full-length album by the 6-time Grammy winning artist. The full album is streaming on iTunes via “First Play” for one week & the release is worldwide March 18th.

Recess was conceived + recorded in Los Angeles, Seattle, Seoul, London, Stockholm, San Francisco & Brooklyn with guests like Ragga Twins, Chance The Rapper, Diplo, Passion Pit vocalist Michael Angelakos, OWSLA stars Kill The Noise, Alvin Risk + up-comers Milo & Otis to name just a handful. The record sees Skrillex delivering on his promise as a fully-fledged musician, taking the listener by the wrist for a celestial reconciliation with innocence, escape, passion, & love while pulling from every imaginable influence within & outside of electronic music.

Pre-order it now on iTunes.

The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

I still haven’t done the thing I talked about doing last week, opening this column up to late-night peformances or fan-taped camera-phone concert vids. I might still eventually do that, but this turned out to be a very good week for the traditional notions of music videos, and the best one in a while for [...]

A$AP Rocky – “Wild For The Night” Video (Feat. Skrillex)

As a rapper, A$AP Rocky’s greatest gift is for creating a sticky bad-dream sort of atmosphere. And on Long.Live.A$AP, his debut album, only one song rips right through that carefully cultivated vibe: “Wild For The Night,” a blaring dance-rap banger produced by bro-step titan Skrillex. Rocky and the veteran rap video director (and auteur of [...]

A$AP Rocky – Wild For The Night

A$AP Rocky, Skrillex and the rest of the Mob fly down to the Dominican Republic in Rocky’s video for “Wild For The Night.” Lord Flacko and co. forgo filming at the usual vacation spots, instead bringing the single’s hybrid hip-hop dubstep to the slums of the D.R. Watch it above. A$AP Rocky’s LONG. LIVE. A$AP. [...]